Following is a brief list of some of the clients with whom we've had the pleasure to work and the projects in which we've participated.

As you may notice, we work with a variety of folks. Also, though we're based in Tucson, Arizona, geography is not necessarily a factor.

  Marilyn Renshaw is a watercolor artist based in Tempe, Arizona. We established Ms. Renshaw's internet presence--registering her Domain Name and designing, creating and hosting her website (
World Wildlife Fund
for Nature
  The World Wildlife Fund for Nature is an international environmental stewardship organization, with its United States headquarters in Washington, DC. We are working with them on an ongoing series of video productions for distribution to an international audience.
  The Gila-Salt-Verde ECOTEAM of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service is based in Phoenix, Arizona. We have developed a touchscreen multimedia program and kiosk (used for educational outreach throughout Arizona) which highlights their facilities, priorities and accomplishments.
  Schott Donnelly, L.L.C., is a joint venture between Schott Glass and Donnelly Corporation, based in Tucson, Arizona. Schott Donnelly designs and markets electrochromic glass products for control of light and infrared energy. We created their public website from pre-existing PowerPointTM presentations. The company went under, but not because of their website!
  The Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge is located near Sasabe, Arizona. We developed a touchscreen multimedia program for use in their Visitors' Centers. A site by a friend of ours that includes his writings on politics and the human experience, from America, Africa, Kosovo, and other locales. Check it out!



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