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Some of the files in our portfolio (the VR panoramas) are quite large and can take some time to download over a 28.8 modem. Consequently, we've put still image representations below that link to a separate page when clicked upon. We urge you to view at least one of the panoramas in it's real VR splendor. To view our VR panoramas, you need to have QuickTimeTM installed on your computer. QuickTime is a fully cross-platform (works on both MacintoshTM and WindowsTM computers) multimedia technology. If you don't already have QuickTime installed, you can download the latest version free from Apple Computer at:



Website Design:


This is a sample page from a website we designed for Tempe, Arizona-based watercolor artist Marilyn Renshaw.



Still Images:


Broad-billed Hummingbird.

Southern Arizona.



Northern Arizona.


Saguaro Cactus.

Southern Arizona.


QuickTime VR Panoramas:

QuickTime VR panoramas are photographic navigable spaces. These samples are only still images--click on a sample to go to a separate page that has the real VR panorama!


Grand Canyon South Rim.

Northern Arizona.

The full panorama is a very high resolution file, which is why it is so much larger that the others. The payoff is that you get much sharper detail when you zoom in.

Click here for the full panorama

File size ~2.4 Mb
28.8 refresh time ~10 minutes


Metro Station.

Washington, DC.

Click here for the full panorama

File size ~400 Kb
28.8 refresh time ~2 minutes


Asilomar Dunes and Beach.

Monterey, California.

Click here for the full panorama

File size ~770 Kb
28.8 refresh time ~4 minutes

This is a two-node panorama--from the dunes, you can click on the stairs or the beach to go down to the beach; from the beach, you can click on the stairs or the dunes to go up to the dunes.



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